Safety, Health and the Environment



FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS a dedicated health, safety and environmental department has ensured that the highest standards are maintained.

Qualified health and safety practitioner, Jaco van Dam, heads up CSV Construction's established Health, Safety and Environmental Department and is responsible for managing and updating systems resulting in an increased awareness of health and safety initiatives throughout the organisation.

The increased awareness allows for health, safety and environmental challenges being shared by all employees and the Company has seen the benefits of this.  As contracts have become more stringent in terms of the health, safety and environmental requirements, CSV's focus on these items has played an important part in the long-term, healthy relationships with clients.

This department forms a vital pillar of the organisation in providing successful projects to its clients and is indeed key to a sustainable and competent workforce, proud to be employees of such a diverse company.  "We have provided a healthy and safe working envionment where employees were enabled to take the Company to a new level of performance in the industry, bringing a competitive and well-structured edge to providing a quality product to our clients and achieving untold successes on challenging projects year in and year out.  We are confident that the next 20 years will be even better with exciting new challenges and a rock hard belief that safety management forms an integral part in all facets of good business" declared Van Dam.

CSV Construction is committed to preserving the environment and employs environmental officers to monitor and manage sites to minimise the effect that construction sites have on the environment.  Recycling of products like road building and fill material and selective spoiling of all waste products generated by construction have been introduced.




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